Sara Intonato, SaraYoga

Charlotte is by far and away the most fantastic virtual personal assistant I have ever employed. She never hesitates to solve problems creatively; her writing skills are fantastic, and I can trust that if I ask her to write an email or a sales page for me, it will come out sounding polished and need very minor stylistic edits, if any. For me, that’s a huge element to my business, which I’m incredibly thankful I can have her help with.

She is responsible, not just with money management, but with time management. She sends me organised flow charts of the work she does for me so we can see what is the best use of her time and what is not. She is incredibly thorough and does not let anything slip through the cracks, whether it be an email or something even I had forgotten about. I cannot say enough about her. She is fantastic in every way, and I strongly encourage anyone needing assistance in their business to work with Charlotte.